Staying Free

A Program of Agape Resource Ministry


Empowering Men & Women to Successfully Transition from Incarceration to Community



Staying Free envisions the reduction of recidivism through planning, training, practical assistance, and mentoring offenders prior to leaving incarceration. 



Staying Free assists offenders who have no local family or support transition  to the community.  The program is integrity-based and provides comprehensive, practical support designed to assure a healthy, successful reintegration into society. 



Staying Free curriculum is designed to be taught in small groups with a trained facilitator.   Learning the  Staying Free material can also be accomplished individually.  It is recommended that the most value in achieved learning will occur with a trained facilitator.


Staying Free Workbook contains some of the elements listed below.  A facilitated small group learning environment addresses all of the elements.


o       Finding a personal identity

§         Physically

§         Mentally

§         Spiritually

o       Identifying and/or developing a support system

o       Integrity & values

o       Communication (Expressing thoughts & feelings)

o       Boundaries

o       Co-dependency

o       Short-term & long-term goals

o       Balance

§         Time

§         Money

§         Energy

o       Health (Medications, follow-up on health issues)

o       Document acquisition

o       Community Corrections

o       Employment, education or what?

o       Reconnecting with family and former friends

o       Identifying community resources

o       Planning for first day, week and month

o       Health (Medical, dental, medications, personal hygiene, etc.)

o       Addiction & Recovery

o       Stress/Anxiety/Fear/Depression

o       Budgeting, banking & financial planning

o       Nutrition (Meal planning, special diets, grocery shopping)

o       Relationships

o       Faith (Developing a life of meaning.)

o       Goal Setting (Developing a personal “mission statement”)

o       Leaving Prison Behind (Exploring cultures)

o       Social Skills

o       Safety/Emergency Preparedness



For more information, please contact John Peterson